nedeľa 5. júna 2011


Today it was Sunday.
I went to work.
I’ve seen my mom acting really badly.
But I forgave her.
Today I saw a bigboard. There was my face on it. I’ve sold it for free. And it felt good.
Today I rode my bicycle next to the Danube river. The flies were smashing my face, so most of the time I kept my eyes closed.
It was a great feeling of being a fly out in space.

Today I slept next to my best friend with his best girlfriend. I confess: I couldn’t fall asleep because they smelled by love. I used to spend nights with them separately. But now I spent a night with them together. All of us together. Listening to their breath. I felt like I was a fly out in space.
Today my dearest wonderful beautiful boyfriend told me, that he will leave soon to the New Zeland. For a year. To surf. To work. To live. I was glad.
He needs to live by himself for a while. So we can start to have an absolute feeling of freedom. And complete a family.
Today I watched film that made me feel really lonely. But it was just a feeling.
I have many of you around me who make me feel like a fly out in space.
It is necessary to say THANK YOU. It is necessary to say to our people that we’ve been thinking about them: I have been thinking about you. A lot.
I started to eat rucks today. So I can feel more free.

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