nedeľa 10. apríla 2011

alice in WWW

Sometimes I feel like Alice in Wonderland
If I tried a bit harder I could be one step ahead
You‘re running through my body like that rabbit with hat
I’m loosing naïve reality, don’t evaporate

The duty is ordered to save me from evil, from bad
I’m supposed to be strong but I’m loosing my inner breath
In purple preppy dress pretending I’m the best
Excuse you, mister, please mister, give it a rest!

I’m asked to grow up, to raise my breastless chest
But that concealed Mr.Rabbit keeps luring me back
I’m a naked child in life’s unreachable   nest
Will I ever make that absurd maturity test?

I’m wondering, love, who I am, who you are?
Are you my fantasy figment, for who I live or I die?
Are you a fairy-tale teller which one of us is the child?
Be candid I’m a candy in your pocket, so wild.

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